Cara Balderas's Blog Posts

Cara Balderas's Blog Posts

How Aging Americans Will Change The Market
As America as a nation ages, our housings needs will change. How will it impact the housing market?——By 2030, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates one in five Americans will have r...

How A Self Directed IRA Can Jumpstart Your Investing Career
Don’t think you have the money to invest in real estate? Your IRA could be the answer.——Most people assume they don’t have the funds to invest in real estate, but anyone wi...

Making A MidLife Home Purchase Consider These Five Options
The days of buying a house and settling down for the rest of your life in one spot are stuck firmly in the past. Much like the PDA or floppy disk in the tech world, there’s just ...

Do Not Let Your Pet Sabotage Your Home Salet
Is your property lingering on the market? Your pet could be the reason why you haven’t received an offer.——Not everyone loves animals. Some people are afraid. Others feel unc...

5 Steps To Short Sale Success
Short sales are not particularly complicated, but they do require a lot of work to close successfully. Here’s what you can expect.——Considering selling your home even though ...

Can Energy Efficient Windows Really Save You Money
You’ve probably heard a lot about how energy efficient windows can save you loads on your electric bill, but is this really a sound improvement for your home? Let’s connect wit...

Will A Realtor Really Help Me Make Money On The Sale Of My Home
Sure it may be tempting to forego hiring a realtor to help with the sale of your home, but if you knew how much a realtor could help you, you might change your tune._______ Ev...

Identity Theft Is Never Fun Protect Yourself With Title Insurance
Identity theft can cause you huge problems, and may even lead to you losing the title of your home. That’s why steps need to be taken to protect you and your    family....

8 Tips First Time Homebuyers In Their 20s Need To Consider
If you are in your 20’s and looking to buy a new home for the first time, then there is some important information that you will need in order to avoid making mistakes that can c...

How A Home Inspection Can Lower The Purchase Price Of Your Property
A home inspection doesn’t just help you to find out about dangerous and costly problems that exist within the property; it can also help you lower the asking price!___A home insp...

To Fence Or Not To Fence
Before you add a fence to your property, know the guidelines to follow so you increase your property value and don’t run the risk of decreasing it!___If you are thinking about er...

The 1 Percent Rule For Closing Costs Whats Really Included
The process of closing a home can be confusing and expensive, with a variety of fees. By understanding what these fees are, and then making an informed decision, you can reduce the...

Make Your Kitchen Look Like A Million Dollars
Do you have a home showing coming up? Make your home look as inviting and cozy as possible by following these tips.——Staging is the process of specifically decorating a room, o...

How To Reduce Your Mortgage Wait After A Foreclosure
Think you have to wait three to seven years after a foreclosure before you can get a new loan? You may be able to cut that in half.——Typically, you have to wait for years after...

5 Telltale Signs A Home Has Been Abused Or Neglected
Every house has a story to tell. What is the house you are looking at have to say about its upkeep (or lack thereof)?——Before you purchase a home, you want to know that past ow...

3 Things That Are Key To An Equity Boosting Bathroom
A bathroom renovation can add value to your property, if it’s done right. These three things are key.——Believe it or not, there’s a right way to renovate your bathroom and ...

4 Reasons Why You Should Use A Realtor To Sell Your Home
If you are considering selling your home, using a qualified real estate agent to assist you with the selling process can save you a lot of headaches. Real estate deals can often be...

How To Handle Damage To Your Home If You Are Trying To Sell
If your home has suffered damage, you may still be considering selling. Depending on the amount of damage and your decisions regarding the repairs, there may still be a possibility...

What To Look For When Attending An Open House
If you are attending an open house, you should make sure to create a to-do list. Here are some things to look for when attending an open house.——An open house offers a unique o...

How To Sell A Unique Property Why Personalization Matters
Unique properties are tricky for homesellers to market. A qualified real estate agent can help to paint a home in the best light to appeal to buyers.——Selling a unique property...

Proven Steps To Finding A Good Property Manager
Finding the right property manager can mean the difference between having a guaranteed monthly cash flow and bankruptcy. That makes choosing a good property manager an essential co...

How To Make The Most Of An Open House Visit
An open house is a good time to learn about a property that you are interested in. It also offers an opportunity to check out the competition.——Buying a home is a process that ...

How To Sell A Vacation Home
Vacation homes present a unique challenge when it comes time to sell. If you are planning to sell a vacation home, there are some important differences to consider.——Selling a ...

Money Saving Tips For Your Landscaping Budget
If you are planning to update your landscaping while on a budget, there are many ways for you to save money. You can still make your home look great while spending less.——Updat...

Should You Install New Windows In Your Home
Installing new windows in your home involves making several considerations. Energy savings and the potential of a home value increase can impact your decision. ——Making th...

How To Search For Foreclosure Homes Using Online Search Tools
Online home search tools have made finding foreclosed homes easier than ever. If you want to find homes that meet your criteria, you’ll need these tips.——When you decide to i...

5 Tips For Selling A Renovated Home For Profit
As a real estate investor, you want to get the best returns on a renovated property. Planning is a key component of guaranteeing the success of the deal.——When you decide to ma...

Can A Home Be Sold If It Isnt In The Best Condition
As you prepare to sell your home, you are probably worried about the offers that you might receive. Selling a home that isn’t in the best condition can be a challenge. —...

Signs Of Structural Home Problems To Watch Out For As A Homebuyer
As a homebuyer, structural damage presents an insidious problem that can destroy the value of your home. ——When you decide to buy a home, you must watch out for the signs ...

Can You Negotiate Closing Costs As A Home Buyer
As a homebuyer, you expect to pay a significant amount on the closing fees for your new home. The costs may be somewhat negotiable, depending on where you live.——Closing costs ...

5 Common Misconceptions About Buying Foreclosed Homes
Foreclosed homes are not all the same. When it comes to buying foreclosed properties, you should know the truth before you decide on a property to buy.——Buying a foreclosed hom...

Why Its Hard To Sell Your Home On Your Own
As you prepare to sell your home, you might think that working with a Realtor only means additional fees and costs. However, you might be surprised to learn just how difficult it i...

How You Can Create A Story That Interests Buyers In An Older Home
If you are trying to sell your older home, you need to appeal to the right buyers. Crafting a creative story about your home can help you to sell.——Older homes are often a hard...

Home Security Systems How To Select The Right Company
As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home and its occupants are protected in the event of an incident or emergency. ——A home security system is a necessary upgr...

4 Energy Efficient Upgrades To Consider For Your New Home
An energy-efficient home can help you save money on your utility bills each month. It can also add to the value of your home.——As a new homeowner, upgrading your home is not on...

Is A Spec Home Right For Your Family
Buying a home is a stressful, exciting, and rewarding experience all rolled in one – and that’s putting it lightly. However, more and more voices in the real estate industry su...

Home Insurance Or Home Warranties Which Ones Better For You
Buying a home is far from a simple affair – and that’s putting it lightly. However, is the debate surrounding home insurance and home warranties making this already complex poi...

10 Signs Its Time For New Kitchen Appliances
Owning a home is all about stretching every dollar as far as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes your best bet isn’t grabbing the duct tape and improvising, but instead calling in...

How To Select The Right Neighborhood For You And Your Family
As a potential home buyer, you want to make sure that you are not only getting the best value for your money. You also want to ensure that you will be satisfied with your location ...

Home Seller Mistakes To Avoid As A FirstTime Seller
If you are prepping your home to be sold as a first-time seller, there are many pitfalls to avoid. Here are some things to watch out for as a first-time homeseller.——First-time...

Trees For Springtime Planting
The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now. - Chinese proverb Spring is the ideal time to introduce new trees into your home environment. The ...

Spring Landscaping
As the cold north winds blow and snow accumulates on the land, snuggle up with a hot cup of cocoa and a stack of seed catalogs. Take a mental break from the chill, dream ...

5 Reasons Why You Are Getting Low Offers For Your Home
As a home seller, you might receive lower sale offers than you may have expected. Here’s how to decide if the offer is a lowball offer or if you should seek out better prospects....

Hardscape Elements The Backbone Of Any Landscape Project
No matter if you are working with a landscape contractor to bring beauty and order to the site of new home construction or to breathe life and elegance into a bland and boring esta...

Finding The Best Real Estate Agent For Your Needs
Buying or selling a home is a major life decision. It is imperative to locate a reputable and capable real estate agent when you are purchasing a new home.Choosing the right home f...

Smart Home Technology Is It Right For Your Family
Smart home technology is the newest “buzz word” to become a common term familiar to homeowners, builders, contractors and real estate agents. Smart home technology is the term ...

Choosing The Right Realtor To Sell Your Home
No matter your motivation for selling your home: you want it sold quickly at the best possible price. To do so, you will want to engage the services of a licensed and experienced r...

Baby Its Cold Outside Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter
In the midst of one of the worst winters on record, many property owners dismay, erroneously believing real estate buyers do not shop for homes and land in winter. Wrong!With the a...

Lawyers Can Be A Valuable Asset When Purchasing A Home
How The Help Of An Attorney Can Make Your Life Easier and Give You Peace Of Mind _____Retaining the services of a lawyer when purchasing a new home is not just a good idea, it can ...

Figuring Out If A Reverse Mortgage Is Right For You
The thought of giving up control of your home after countless years is a daunting proposition, to say the least. However, change isn’t always a bad thing, especially in the later...

Front Yard Landscaping According To The Experts
You know what great landscaping looks like; you’re just not sure how to do it yourself. Let the experts show you how.——Not sure how to create a front yard with a “Wow!” f...

5 Tips For Getting A Better Rate Out Of Your Mortgage
Signing off on a mortgage should be an exciting and positive experience. After all, this document is essentially the key that unlocks your new home. However, failing to work out th...

What To Do In The Months Before You Put Your Home On The Market
Selling a home is a complicated process that requires planning in order to be success. Know what you are getting into before you get started.——You’ve decided to sell your hom...

House Hunting Checklist Your A To Z Guide To Finding The Perfect Home
The Basic Elements You Need To Find The Best Home For Your Situation ___There are a number of things that you have to keep in mind when buying a new home. Having an A-Z checkl...

Are You Ready To Invest An Investing Primer
Real estate is one of the best vehicles available for building wealth. But, is it the right option for you? And, are you ready to start investing?——Despite the housing bubble, ...

Preparing For Winters Next Assault Tips For Winterizing Your Home
Ideally, home winterization should start in autumn, but if “Old Man Winter” got the jump on you, all is not lost.Now that winter is in full fury, hopefully, you have already ta...

Prepping Your Property For Sale
Have you ever wondered why it is that two homes in the same neighborhood, with virtually the same amount of space and similar floor plans, often sell for dramatically different amo...

Homeowners Checklist For A Worry Free Summer
Winter can wreck havoc on your home. It’s likely, your home is your largest single monetary investment; one that you want to protect and preserve. Savvy homeowners know that in t...

Fix And Flip Or Buy And Hold Which Strategy Is Right For You
As a real estate investor, you have a choice: buy and hold a property or fix and flip it. The decision may not be as clear cut as you think.——When you decide to invest in real ...

Three Home Projects That Will Get You Top Dollar For Your Home
Looking to make some upgrades to your home? Consider your projects carefully so that you choose ones that will make the most of your time and money down the line.——Selling your...

Seven Things FirstTime Historic Home Buyers Need To Know
Historic homes are full or mystery and culture – owning one can be a great way to connect with both the past and the future of your community.——Older homes are both charming ...

Kitchen Photography Tips
If you are prepping your home to be placed on the market, your realtor will be looking for high-quality images – don’t disappoint!——Kitchens are one of the most difficult a...

10 Home Inspection Tips For FirstTime Homebuyers
Hiring the right home inspection service will help you to determine if there are any major defects with a property before you decide to buy.——As a first-time homeowner, it is h...

Savvy Tips For Purchasing A New Home
For many people, especially first-time buyers’, purchasing a new home is one of the biggest and most complicated transactions of their lifetime. Let’s face it: it's scary to de...

Electronic Security Offers Protection And Peace Of Mind
Face it; we live in a frightening and sometimes dangerous world. Protecting your family and property is a priority. With the majority of home break-ins occurring during the su...

Should You Hire A Realtor Or Sell On Your Own Three Deciding Factors
Selling your home can be both exciting and stressful. As the property seller, you have a long list of responsibilities. Before you stage your property and stick that for sale sign ...

Are You Ready To Invest
Real estate is one of the best vehicles available for building wealth. But, is it the right option for you? And, are you ready to start investing?——Despite the housing bubble, ...

How To Talk To Your Tenants About Renters Insurance
You have a policy to protect your investment, but your tenants need one to cover their own interests. How do you talk insurance with your tenants? ——A landlord’s policy ...

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Neighborhood
The neighborhood that your new home is located in will be the place where you have to live every single day. That makes choosing a good location almost as important as the actual a...

Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid Before Closing
As a homebuyer, you may be excited about your new home. However, until the closing is final, you still have a lot that you need to worry about. Many homebuyers make mistakes prior ...

Important Considerations For Young Condo Buyers
Looking to purchase a condo? You will want to consider the pros and cons before signing on the dotted line.——Condos are very popular home choices for first time homebuyers, and...

When Should You Sell Your Home If You Are Planning To Move
As a home seller, you might be unsure as to the best time to sell your home if you are planning a move. Deciding when to put your home on the market in advance, can help you t...

Yes I Would Like To Order A Home With A Side Of Equity Please
So here is the scene; your pulling up to the drive thru line and you want to order a house.  That's right, what if it was truly that simple.  What if you could pull up to...

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